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Izložba i predavanje na engleskom jezilu
Kućanica, ratnica i vidovnjakinja

15. - 19. lipnja 2020.
Arheološki muzej u Zagrebu

The image of the Viking Age has been male-dominated for a long time. As the history of the Vikings started to be written down in the 19th century, it was largely influenced by the contemporary attitude towards women. Since women were viewed as inferior to men, and did not have a strong say in society, historians assumed that Viking Age society looked the same. When graves were excavated, it was those of kings and male warriors that were talked about. The graves of powerful women did not fit the 19th century image of the Viking Age, and were, therefore, not regarded as interesting. However, modern science has shown that Viking Age women had different roles and considerably more power than previously believed. The Exhibition will be followed by a lecture.

otvorenje izložbe
15. lipnja 2020., 19 sati

predavanje na engleskom jeziku
16. lipnja 2020., 19 sati
ulaz besplatan

Autori: Sara Wisén, Tora Larsdotter Andersson, Muzej Vikinga 

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