Project Digital Museum for Adults - DIMUSA

The Archaeological Museum in Zagreb begins the implementation of the project Digital Museum for Adults - DIMUSA (project code: 2022-2-HR01-KA122-ADU-000096054), which is financed from the Erasmus+ program, key activity 1 for the field of adult education, in the amount of 13,960, 00 EUR, from March 1, 2023 to June 30, 2024.

The DiMUSA project aims to engage the adult and older audience and teach them how to use the digital content displayed in the exhibitions or on the museum's website. The project enables the staff of the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb to receive professional training through job shadowing in museums in Denmark and Lithuania. The AMZ staff will share experiences on the topic of integrating adult visitors in the use of virtual content. By introducing the digital context (virtual archaeological landscapes, 3D models) to adult and older visitors, we will expand the offer for visitors who are isolated and deprived of this type of content. The project will increase the digital skills of staff and introduce new digital content and educational programmes for adults and seniors. The DiMUSA project aims to develop audiences in the museum sector by improving quality assurance in adult education programmes. Our project will promote inclusion and diversity in all areas of education, improve the skills of education staff and enhance quality assurance in adult education.

The first project mobility within the Erasmus+ project [Digital Museum for Adults DIMUSA] (project code: 2022-2-HR01-KA122-ADU-000096054) was completed and included a job shadowing. From October 15 to 21, the curators Ana Solter, Jacqueline Balen, Maja Bunčić and Miljenka Galić were in the Lithuanian capital Vilnius.

The hosts, the Lithuanian National Museum (Lietuvos nacionalinis muziejus), had prepared a varied and rich programme with project coordinator Simona Širvydaitė-Šliupienė, which enabled our employees to get to know the work of related museum institutions, their structure, projects, successes, but also problems and challenges.

Over five working days, the AMZ curators held several working sessions with their colleagues from the National Museum, participated in workshops and visited museums and historical monuments in the city under the guidance of their museum departments and locations: the House of History, the Old Arsenal (archaeological collection), the House of Signatories, the Vilnius City Wall Bastion, Gediminas Tower and the Kazys Varnelis House Museum.


Visit to the Museum of Copenhagen

project Digital Museum for Adults - DIMUSA
March 1, 2023 - June 30, 2024.

financed: Erasmus+ program, key activity 1 for ​​adult education

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