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Over the past few decades, European archaeological heritage gained major attention by connecting prominent archaeological sites to wider transnational networks, which have become a popular tool for their protection, promotion and tourist use. Imposingly attractive, however very fragile, prehistoric landscapes in the Danube programme area remain partly hidden and not well integrated into cultural tourism.

The Iron-Age-Danube project focuses on monumental archaeological landscapes of the Early Iron Age, characterized by, e.g., fortified hilltop settlements and large tumulus cemeteries, from the era between roughly the 9th–4th century BC (Hallstatt period).

The project partnership builds on joint approaches for researching and managing complex (pre)historic landscapes and their integration into sustainable tourism.

The project’s major innovation is the methodological shift of dealing with complex prehistoric landscapes rather than individual sites, therefore the partnership will develop new strategies and methodological tools for their protection, presentation and promotion. More importantly, they will not remain only on a theoretical level, but will be practically tested and implemented in nine micro-regions over five countries: Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia and Slovenia. For this process, international camps will be organized, closely linking research agendas with public events and new visitor programmes. All gathered knowledge will be published in landscape studies, which are the basis for a new digital application with interactive visualisations and augmented reality features. With this application and small scale investments, visitors will be able to experience our heritage in a completely different way.

Project partner list

The map with the project area with partners


LP (АТ) Universalmuseum Joanneum


РР  1 (АТ) University of Graz, Institute of Archaeology

РР  2 (АТ) University of Vienna, Institute of Prehistoric and HistoricalArchaeology

РР  3 (Sl) University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Arts, Department of Archaeology

РР  4 (SI) Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Slovenia, Centre for Preventive Archaeology

РР  5 (SI) University of Maribor, Faculty  for Agriculture and Life Sciences

РР  6 (CRO) Institute of Archaeology

РР  7 (CRO) Archaeological Museum in Zagreb

РР  8 (HU) Matrica Museum and Archaeological Park (only in 2017)

РР  9 (HU) Eötvös Loránd University, Faculty of Humanities Institute of Archaeological Sciences

РР 10 (HU) Archaeolingua Foundation

РР 11 (HU) Hungarian National Museum


ASP 1 (AT) Federal Monuments Agency

ASP 2 (SI) Regional museum Maribor

ASP 3 (SI) Dolenjski museum Novo mesto

ASP 4 (SI) Slovenian Tourist  Board

ASP 5 (CRO) Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia,Directorate for the Protection of Cuttural Heritage

ASP 6 (CRO) Center for Prehistoric Research

ASP 7 (CRO) Varaždin County Tourist Board

ASP 9 (SK) Constantine the Philosopher Universjty in Nitra

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