Iron Age Kids

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The Iron Age
Text: S. Tiefengraber, R. Klöckl; graphs, design: R. Klöckl; photo: Universalmuseum Joanneum/N. Lackner

The Hallstatt Culture
Text, background photo, graphs, design: A. Hellmuth Kramberger; photo moonidol: Universalmuseum Joanneum/N. Lackner

How do we know where we can find something?
Text: M. Fera; photo, graphs: Universität Wien; background photo: Universalmuseum Joanneum; design: A. Hellmuth Kramberger

Archaeological excavations
Text: M. Vinazza, L. Pukšič, M. Črešnar, N. Dolinar; graphs: N. Dolinar; photos: M. Vinazza

I wonder what life was like in the Iron Age?
Text: J. Kotnik; 3D visualization: M. Mađerić; photo kids: Varaždin City Museum; photo pigs: M. Barić

How to make an Iron Age garment, how were people dressed?
Text: K. Grömer; photos: Naturhistorisches Museum Wien; design: A. Hellmuth Kramberger

Tumuli and burial practices
Text: M. Rakvin; photos: H. Potrebica; 3D visualization: M. Mađerić; design: S. Škrinjarić

Experimental Archaeology
Text, photos: Matrica Múzeum és Régészeti Park, Százhalombatta

DIY Iron Age style
Text, photo: A. Bertol Stipetić; design: S. Škrinjarić

Iron Age Hunters and Warriors
Text, background photo, graphs, design: A. Hellmuth Kramberger; photo weapons: Universalmuseum Joanneum/N. Lackner

Hallstatt warrior
Text: A. Bertol Stipetić; graphs: M. Rončević, M. Galić; photos: Arheološki Muzej u Zagrebu; design: S. Škrinjarić; background photo: A. Hellmuth Kramberger

Front and back cover: S. Škrinjarić; background photo: A. Hellmuth Kramberger

Tomi the mascot: A. Hellmuth Kramberger

Published by: Archaeolingua for the Iron-Age-Danube partners
For the publisher: Erzsébet Jerem
Editor: Anja Hellmuth Kramberger
Revised english text: Magdalena Seleanu
Copy editor: Zsuzsanna Renner
Typesetting: Rita Kovács
Cover design: Srećko Škrinjarić
Printed by: Prime Rate Kft.
ISBN 978-615-5766-10-7
Archaeolingua Alapítvány
H-1067 Budapest, Teréz krt. 13.

Project title: Monumentalized Early Iron Age Landscapes in the Danube river basin
Acronym: Iron-Age-Danube
Project code: DTP 1-1-248-2.2
EU-PROGRAMME: Interreg Danube Transnational Programme 2014 - 2020
Funding: Overall project budget: 2.552.000,00 Eur, Project is co-funded by the European Union
(EFRR: 2.169.200 Eur, IPA: 0, ENI: 0)
Time frame: 01/01/2017 – 30/09/2019

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