Segestica and Siscia – a settlement from the beginning of history

20 March - 7 June 2020
Arhaeological Museum in Zagreb

How did a small Bronze Age settlement, founded at the end of the second millennium BC and recorded in ancient written sources as Segestica and Siscia, transform into one of the most important Iron Age centers in the Sava and Drava River interfluve?

The Segestica and Siscia – a settlement from the beginning of history exhibition will try to provide an answer to this question to the wider public. It will present the creation, development, and the cultural dynamics of this exceptional settlement, the everyday lives of its inhabitants, their attire and warrior equipment, their diet, their economic and trading activities, and their spiritual life.

Finds that are kept in the collections of the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb, the Sisak Municipal Museum, and the Hungarian National Museum (Magyar Nemzeti Múzeum), accompanied by the results of contemporary archaeological research, have allowed us to study the continual development of the prehistoric settlement in Sisak throughout the first millennium BC, up until 35 BC, when this settlement, situated at the key strategic position for taking over Pannonia, was conquered by Roman legions led by Octavian, the future emperor Augustus. That is when the settlement became an important military stronghold that later developed into the famous Roman city of Siscia.

This exhibition includes about two hundred archaeological finds, as well as numerous illustrations, reconstructions and audiovisual materials that will attempt to evoke the lives of the inhabitants of Segestica and Siscia. 

Author: Ivan Drnić

Opening ceremony
March 20, 2020, 7 PM