Stories of the Past - Journey Into Lost Landscapes

Stories of the Past - Journey Into Lost Landscapes

13 April - 18 May 2022

Gallery AMZ
Pavla Hatza 6, Zagreb
free admission

Travel through time thanks to the virtual archaeological landscapes of the Danube Region!

During its impressive course, the Danube, the second-longest river in Europe, flows through ten countries, while its basin stretches into nine more. The Danube Region consists of multiple colourful landscapes, stretching from the Alps across the Pannonian Plain and passing through the Carpathian Basin and the Balkans before the river flows into the Black Sea. The diversity of these landscapes has influenced many communities that have inhabited these distinctive areas in the past. The rich and culturally diverse archaeological heritage of the Danube Region is a valuable remnant of millennia of development of European society and a carrier of important data about our past.

By using the latest visualizations created within the project “Virtual Archaeological Landscapes of the Danube Region”, partners from 10 European countries present unique archaeological sites from partner countries in the Danube Region. Major museums and institutions of the Danube Region serve as the backbone of this project. In order to bring the heritage closer to the public in a new and attractive way, they focused on the most prominent archaeological sites and landscapes of their regions. By incorporating state-of-the-art virtual and augmented reality technology, we give visitors the opportunity to experience the heritage as it once was, not only in their own country but also in the countries of other partners.

Immerse yourself in the past and explore with us Palaeolithic caves, prehistoric settlements and funeral customs, Roman cities, medieval forts and much more!

Project “Virtual Archaeological Landscapes of the Danube Region” (acronym: Danube's archaeological eLandscapes, DTP: 3-641-2.2) is implemented within Interreg Transnational Cooperation Programme VB Danube 2014-2020 and it is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).



Exhibition authors: Jacqueline Balen, Marta Rakvin, Porin Šćukanec Rezniček

Exhibition panels graphic design: Srećko Škrinjarić

Public exhibition poster design for Virtual Archaeological Landscapes of the Danube Region project partners Axon Hilllock Ltd. - Szabolcs Mezei

Map design and timelines for Virtual Archaeological Landscapes of the Danube Region project partners Trend Module Ltd. - Orsolya Belegrai

Technical exhibition implementation: Ivan Troha, Robert Vazdar

Expert associates: Simon Bogojević-Narath, Maja Bunčić, Filip Franković, Ivor Janković, Jana Kopačkova, Marin Mađerić, Sanjin Mihelić, Hrvoje Potrebica, Ivan Radman-Livaja, Dora Kušan Špalj, Nikoleta Perok 

Expert associates - partners of the project Virtual Archaeological Landscapes of the Danube Region: Jonas Abele, Corina Bors, Szabolcs Czifra, Matija Črešnar, Nejc Dolinar, Martin Dujčák, Szilvia Fábián, Dragan Jovanović, Sarah Kiszter, Jure Kusetič, Boštjan Laharnar, Andrew Lamb, Nikolay Nenov , Adrienn Pálinkás, Ivana Pantović, Saša Rudolf, Sarah Scoppie, Vesna Tratnik, Silvia Trifonova-Kostadinova, Iskren Velikov, Anja Vintar

Expert associates - participants of Creative Labs & Hubs workshops: Marsela Alić, Suzana Aničić, Lucija Biličić, Ivana Budišćak, Ivo Ćevid, Vesna Dubovečak, Palmira Krleža, Filip Lovrić, Dušan Medin, Ivan Mitrović, Karla Radolović, Benedikt Staklarević

Educational program: Zorica Babić, Porin Šćukanec Rezniček

Marketing and public relations: Davorka Maračić

Proofreading and translation: Verba centar d.o.o.

Production of multimedia content for AMZ, technical realization and adaptation of multimedia content of project partners: Diversitas IT sustavi d.o.o. (Delta Reality)



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