Exhibition Slavko Šohaj — The Museum Years in Archaeological Museum in Zagreb

Slavko Šohaj — The Museum Years

14 May - 15 June 2024
Archaeological Museum in Zagreb, 1st floor

Exhibition opening: 14 May, 12 pm (noon)

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Tuesday - Friday 10 am - 6 pm
Saturday            10 am - 2 pm
closed on Mondays, Sundays and Holidays

Due to the ongoing renovation of the Museum, the permanent exhibition is currently unavailable


The exhibition Slavko Šohaj - The Museum Years presents the painter Slavko Šohaj (1908 - 2003) as an illustrator in the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb.

Drawing has been used in archeology since the beginning of collecting and processing archaeological objects, so today it is still an indispensable part of documenting and interpreting monumental materials. We distinguish drawing as part of the field documentation from the drawing of archaeological objects and reconstructions as accompanying visual medium in scientific publications, or for educational purposes at exhibitions.

In the beginnings of museum material collection and research, drawings and sketches were made by curators. Then, artists with art education were hired, and one of them was Slavko Šohaj, an employee of the museum from 1935 to 1966. He drew archaeological objects for catalogs of museum objects, graphical equipment for exhibitions, and drawings for scientific articles in the Museum's periodical "Vjesnik".

In addition to the archaeological drawings, Šohaj's drawings from the Archive and Collection of old applied drawings of the AMZ are presented at the exhibition, as well as several of his artistic drawings borrowed from the Print Collection NSK, the Department of Prints and Drawings HAZU, and the Museum of Fine Arts in Osijek. In the drawing from Osijek, in the line that describes the characteristic facial features, hairstyles, and poses of the two women, we recognize his contemporaries and colleagues, archaeologists Ksenija Vinski-Gasparini and Ružica Drechsler-Bižić. Part of the exhibition is the documentary film by writer and director Zlatko Sudović, ‘Ačo, make your mind up: Slavko Šohaj between two loves’, created in 1991 as a co-production of HRT and Jadran film. The film follows the artist during the preparation of the exhibition in the Art Pavilion in 1988. On the way between the apartment in Gajeva and the studio in Križanićeva Street, Šohaj comes to the Museum and remembers the museum days, and we have the opportunity to see what the Museum looked like before the renovation in 1995.

Organizer: Archaeological Museum in Zagreb

Author of the exhibition: Miljenka Galić

Graphic design: Srećko Škrinjarić

Exhibition layout: Miljenka Galić, Slađana Latinović

English translation and proofreading: Jadranka i Andy Tomlinson

Conservation and restoration: Slađana Latinović

Technical realisation of the exhibition: Ivan Troha

Expert associates: Ivan Drnić, Anita Dugonjić, Nina Gostinski

Educational programme: Miljenka Galić

Marketing and public relations: Davorka Maračić

Exhibited items lent by: Museum of Fine Arts, Osijek, Department of Print and Drawings HAZU, Print Collection, NSK, Archives of Fine Arts HAZU, Croatian Radiotelevision, Jadran film

Financial support: Ministry of Culture and Media and City of Zagreb


1. Drawing of a lamp in the form of a Satyr's head, Catalogue of museum objects: Roman lamps

2. Slavko Šohaj, drawing of a bronze cuff-shaped bracelet, ink on paper, 1935, Archive AMZ

3. Slavko Šohaj, drawing of a spiral spectacle fibula, ink on paper, 1935, Archive AMZ

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