Odrasli smo u EU / We have grown up in the EU / Dospěli jsme v EU

Odrasli smo u EU / We have grown up in the EU / Dospěli jsme v EU

Gallery AMZ, Pavla Hatza Street 6
free admission

20 - 24 September 2022

Opening hours
Tuesday - Friday 12 noon - 6 pm
Saturday 10 - 13

In the latter half of 2022, for the second time in its history, Czech Republic is standing at the helm of the Council of the European Union. At the same time, in 2022 Czech Republic marks its 18 year membership anniversary in this prestigious community of European nations. This means that in 2022, children born at the time of Czech Republic's entry into the European Union, have become adults. They have grown up in the EU. But so have we, those of us who had been born earlier - we have learned that the European Union is "us", not merely "them", and that through common values, institutions and projects we actively participate in shaping the world around us. We have learned that no more decisions are taken "about us without us", as happened so many times before in Czech history, especially in the 20th century. The exhibition, comprising of photographs from the archives of the Czech press agency ČTK, along with short commentaries, recalls key moments from the past 18 years of Czech membership in the EU - from the handover of membership application, all the way to the takeover of the Presidency of the Council of the EU in July this year. Visit the AMZ Gallery to learn how Czech Republic has grown up in the EU!


Organization: Embassy of the Czech Republic to the Republic of Croatia, Archaeological Museum in Zagreb

Autors of the exhibition: Office of the Government of the Czech Republic in cooperation with the Czech press agency ČTK / Úřad vlády České republiky ve spolupráci s Českou tiskovou agenturou ČTK

Exhibition curators: Hana Ivezić, Jana Kopáčková

Exhibition layout: Hana Ivezić, Jana Kopáčková

Technical exhibition implementation: Ivan Troha

Marketing and public relations: Davorka Maračić



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