Exhibition lectures Between Prague and Cairo - 100 years of Czech Egyptology in Archaeological Museum in Zagreb

Two exhibition lectures Between Prague and Cairo - 100 years of Czech Egyptology 

Friday, 29 September 2023., 18 h
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The lectures are in English


With the sun, eternally. New insights from the decoration of the shaft tombs at Abusir

lecturer: Renata Landgráfová

The shaft tomb cemetery of the Saite-Persian period at Abusir was constructed within a short period of about 40 years. It has been explored by the Czech Institute of Egyptology since the late decades of the 20th century, and gradually, new tombs and tomb complexes are coming to light. Some, like those of Iufaa and Menekhibnekau, are lavishly decorated and contain a number of texts either previously unknown or known only from much later papyri. Others, like those of Menekhibnekau and Wahibremeryneith, have the largest embalmers’ deposits unearthed in Egypt, and provide us with precious knowledge about the process of mummification. Sharing the fate of the god of the dead and resurrected god Osiris and the sun god in his daily cycle, the deceased used the texts and other facilities of his tomb to reach eternal life and join the sun god on his eternal journey through the sky and the underworld.

Renata Landgráfová studied comparative linguistics at Harvard University, USA and Egyptology at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA, and studied Egyptology and Linguistics-Phonetics at the Charles University in Prague. Between 2002-2004 she studied in the framework of the Doctoral program of the Egyptian Seminar of the University of Basel, Switzerland. In 2007, she completed a dissertation on the topic of the current division in the autobiographical inscriptions of the Middle Kingdom. In addition to the application of modern linguistic methods in Egyptology, he devotes himself to ancient Egyptian literature and demotics. She is currently working on some late hieratic and early demotic texts found during the excavations of Czech Institute of Egyptology in Abusir. From 2023 she is the first female director of the Czech Institute of Egyptology.


Recent discoveries of the Czech Institute of Egyptology in Abusir and Saqqara

lecturer: Lucie Jirásková

The exhibition Between Prague and Cairo - 100 Years of Czech Egyptology celebrated the anniversary and presented the history of Czech Egyptology until the year 2018. This lecture will cover the following years of excavations in the area of the Old Kingdom cemeteries of Abusir and Saqqara. Czech archaeological team has uncovered several new tombs, which brought to light interesting discoveries provoking new questions and ways of research.

Lucie Jirásková graduated in Egyptology and History and Culture of Islamic Countries at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University in 2008. In 2021 there she completed her Ph.D. studies in Egyptology. Since 2010 she participates in the excavations of the Czech Institute of Egyptology at Abusir. She focuses on the development of ancient Egyptian society and culture in the Early Dynastic period and Old Kingdom. Within material culture, she specializes in the development and interpretation of stone vessels, particularly the modes of their production and distribution.

The exhibition Between Prague and Cairo - 100 years of Czech Egyptology and program is co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia and the City of Zagreb

Photo: Sarcophagus of the priest Iufaa - interior decoration, site of Abusir, Egypt (c) Czech Institute of Egyptology FA CU

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