On Sunday, March 22 nd , 2020, Zagreb was hit by the strongest earthquake in the past 140 years. At
precisely 6:24 a.m., a 5.5 magnitude earthquake on the Richter scale shook the ground throughout
the Zagreb county area. Large parts of the city, including the entire culturally protected historical
ensemble of the Lower and Upper Town, have suffered enormous damage in a short period of time,
currently estimated at a total of 42 billion HRK.

The earthquake significantly damaged the building of the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb, as well
as a large number of extremely valuable items from the permanent museum exhibition. Prehistoric
vessels, ancient Greek vases, Roman sculptures, all of them severely damaged in a split second:
thankfully, not irreversibly. In one hundred and seventy four years of the Museum's existance, that
Sunday will long be remembered as its most fateful day.

From the day of the earthquake, the museum staff first and foremost came to the rescue of
artefacts, and then toiled to ensure the thorough protection of all of the endangered segments of the
permanent exhibition. The most valuable and most representative exhibits, such as the Zagreb linen
book, the Vučedol dove and the beautiful marble portrait of Princess Plautilla from Solin, were
promptly secured and stored in a safe place.

After concluding the first, most critical period for the existence of the Museum, we are now facing a
second, in many ways much more complex and demanding period. A long restoration of hundreds of
damaged objects awaits us, basic reconstruction work, preparation of project documentation for
refurbishing and renovating the building as well as systematic and thorough rebuilding. In addition to
all of the mentioned steps above, we will work - in significantly more difficult conditions - to ensure
that activities aimed at our visitors, audience and public are as high quality and wide ranged as
possible, and we will continue developing other forms of museum and scientific research activities.

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The Archaeological Museum in Zagreb has been badly damaged by an earthquake on the 22nd of March 2020 and needs your help! Donate here