Predavanje - First thoughts on the historical interpretation of the so-called Lumbarda's psephisma - in the light of the new fragment

Lumbarajska Psefizma Plakat 07 First Thoughts Web

Short summary of the lecture:

a. Short history of previous findings of the psephisma fragments (A-H; I-N, O)

b. The chronology of the psephisma: paleography and historical context

c. The structure of the psephisma and its sections: The decree/agreement and the names’ lists

d. The text of the decree/agreement, its lacunae and the integrations so far proposed

e. The new fragment and its important contributions: novelties, certainties and problems

f. The impact of these novelties on the main issues raised by the historical interpretation of the document.


Prof. (ret.) Mario Lombardo has been for twenty years at the Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa, at first (since 1967) studying as undergraduate and graduate, then working as Assistent Professor of Greek History (since 1976) and Associated Professor of Greek Epigraphy and Greek Antiquities (from 1982 to 1987). Since 1987 he works and teaches at the University of Lecce (now Università del Salento), from the 1994 as Full Professor of Greek Epigraphy and Greek History. From 2002 to 2017 he has been Professor of Greek Epigraphy and Greek Antiquities at the Italian School of Archaeology in Athens. He dedicated the most of his researches to the study of Greek colonisation and of the relations between Greeks and natives in Asia Minor, in Sicily, on the shores of Adriatic Sea, with a special regard for Southern Italy. He has retired from October 31, 2018.