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Cultural, economic, monetary and social transformations in view of the archaeological heritage of the Middle Danubian region 279 B.C. – A.D. 582

The main goal of the CEMS project is to focus on the numismatic and archaeological heritage of a geographical area in a given time-frame, i.e. the Middle Danube region from the La Tène B period till the Great Migrations period (between two symbolic dates, 279 B.C., the arrival of the Celts in the Danube basin, and A.D. 582, the fall of Syrmium). Four of the Zagreb Archaeological Museum’s departments have an extremely large number of artefacts from this period found in this particular region, most of which remain unpublished and require a thorough scientific assessment. Therefore, the main emphasis of the project is on the study and publication of the material kept in the holdings of the Museum.
The principal results of the CEMS project will be to publish up to ten monographson the archaeological and numismatic heritage of the Middle Danube region within a given time frame. These publications would not merely be catalogues of material but would aim to present, following modern methodological approaches in archaeology, ancient history and numismatics, all the cultural, social, economical, monetary and technological transformations that occurred over that fascinating period in a defined geographical area.

Principal investigator: Tomislav Bilić, dr. sc. (AMZ)

Team members:
Ivan Radman Livaja, dr. sc. (AMZ)
Ivan Mirnik, dr. sc. (AMZ, retired)
Ivan Drnić (AMZ)
Miroslav Nađ (AMZ)
Anja Bertol Stipetić (AMZ)

Duration of the project: June 15th, 2014 – June 14th, 2018 (48 months)

The project is fully supported by Croatian Science Foundation under the project number 1549.