Cogito - Hubert Curien partnership

The AMZ is one of the institutions included in the Croatian-French program of cultural cooperation Cogito - Hubert Curien partnership (for 2015/2016). It cooperates on the project “The region between the Sava and Drava, area of settlement and crossroads” with French partners, Ausonius Institute, CNRS and the Michel-de-Montaigne University in Bordeaux. The following AMZ personnel are involved in the project: Dora Kušan Špalj, Nikoleta Perok, Ivan Radman-Livaja and Anja Bertol. The project is conceived as a future European project and studies an important road ant its influence on different aspects of life and processes that cannot be defined with archaeology and historiography, from the Ljubljana valley to the Sava-Danube confluence from the 1st c. BC to the 5th c. AD, that is, during Proto-history and Roman period. The emphasis is on studying settlement networks, level of urbanisation, trade routes but also social structure, worldview and spiritual life of the autochthon populations influenced by external factors, that is, the Mediterranean world.