Archaeological meetings

Arheoloski -susreti

Project AMZ 2104 2016

“Archaeological meetings” is a program of popularisation of archaeology in extra-curricular school activities conducted by the Archaeological museum in Zagreb in 2014, continuing in current 2015. The AMZ personnel visit a school in each Croatian county and the City of Zagreb and lecture in archaeology in general and on archaeology of their respective counties in particular to higher primary and secondary school students. Some educational-interactive workshops are also conducted (“Reading and writing hieroglyphs”, “Pintaderas”, “Variegated cloth”) and a temporary archaeological exhibition is installed in the form of self-standing boards. The main goal of these meetings is the formation of school archaeology section and the introduction of archaeology as an extra-curricular activity in primary and secondary schools.
We have hitherto visited ten primary and secondary schools: OŠ Milke Trnine in Križ, OŠ Antun Klasinc in Lasinja, OŠ Koprivnički Ivanec in Kunovac, OŠ Čazma in Čazma, OŠ Antuna Mihanovića in Klanjec, OŠ Ivanke Trohar in Fužine, OŠ Ivan Kukuljević Sakcinski in Ivanac, Catholic gymnasium in Požega and OŠ Suhopolje in Suhopolje.
The partner of the AMZ in the program “Archaeological meetings” is National Geographic Croatia.