Collected works

  • Proceedings of the XVIIth Roman Military Equipment Conference Weapons and Military Equipment in a Funerary Context

    Proceedingsof the Scientific Conference held in 2010 in Zagreb
    40 articles
    560 pages

    Philosophical Faculty - Zagreb University
    ISBN: 978-953-175-470-5
    Archaeological Museum in Zagreb
    ISBN: 978-953-6789-72-6collected works
    Price: 250 kn

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  • Illyrica antiqua

    International conference on issues in Ancient Archaeology, Zagreb, 2003.
    474 pages
    Zagreb, 2005.collected works
    Price: 100 kn

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  • Our Museum


    396 pages
    Price: 25 kn

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  • Serta Hoffilleriana

    Journal of the Croatian Archaeological Society, new series XVIII-XXI (1937-42)

    552 pages, 57 plates

  • Strena Buliciana

    Editor: M. Abramic, V. Hofiller

    735 pages, 18 plates