knjiznicaThe Library of the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb contains around 45,000 different volumes and is one of the richest, most specialized archaeological libraries in Croatia. A local call number has been used to classify the books since 1945, still basically in use today. Although the library is open to all interested members of the public, the main readers are archaeologists, other scientists, similar professionals, and archaeology students.

The incoming volumes have been catalogued in the ISBN system since 1984, and a computer system was introduced for cataloguing in 1993. The library today has three catalogues: the old one (handwritten), the new one (ISBN), and the most recent one, offering a computer search system (for those books entered into it). The library is in contact with 363 institutions, with an annual exchange of 14 journals. The total yearly influx is circa 600 volumes. Most of the library collection has been acquired in exchange for various publications, particularly the annual journal of the museum, Vjesnik arheoloskog muzeja u Zagrebu (VAMZ) / "The Journal of the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb", as well as other editions, exhibition catalogues, monographs, and so forth.

Library Staff:
Roland Heide, librarian, Head of the Department (
Iva Cvitan, librarian (