Poster Exhibition

Poster Exhibition
Malta’s Archaeology through the Ages

11 – 23 February 2020
Archaeological Museum in Zagreb


With an area of just 316 km2, people planning to visit the Maltese islands tend to underestimate the length of stay needed, with many vowing to return to explore more. What Malta lacks in size and natural resources it certainly makes up for in terms of cultural heritage, a result of the legacy left by all the different people who have occupied Malta, amicably or forcibly, for over 7000 years until the day Malta gained Independence in 1964. Despite its small size, Malta has three UNESCO World Heritage Sites; The prehistoric megalithic temples, the Ħal Saflieni Hypogeum and the capital city of Valletta.

The poster exhibition entitled Malta’s Archaeology through the Ages gives a taste of the main archaeological sites in Malta and Gozo, starting with Malta’s first human settlement in the Neolithic period up to the Medieval Period. This is supplemented by a video showing the various museums and sites pertaining to these periods.

opening of the exhibition
11 February 2020, 7 pm


Autors: Sharon Sultana, David Cardona, Nathaniel Cutajar