Medieval Bulgaria. Statehood and traditions in the Balkans

4 March 2020
Archaeological Museum in Zagreb

The participation of NAIM – BAS in the Archaeological Festival in Zagreb is focused on medieval archaeology in Bulgarian territories. As one of the earliest European countries, Bulgaria interacted actively with peoples and tribes of various ethnic origins. The formation of its own cultural style is based on diverse traditions emphasized by the posters and the lectures.

The two events, the poster exhibition and the lectures, will present some of the long-term research projects of NAIM – the excavations of Bulgarian medieval centers of Pliska, Preslav and Tarnovo. Different aspects, like the cultural role of Bulgaria among the Slavs, the distribution of early medieval metal finds in the Balkans, early Bulgarian architecture, and the phenomenon of Preslav polychrome ceramics, are the topics of our lectures.


Metodi Daskalov (NAIM-BAS)
Parallels of adornments from rich pagan graves in finds along the Adriatic coast

Andrey Aladzhov (NAIM-BAS)
The round stone ground and the chronology of Pliska

Snezhana Goryanova (NAIM-BAS)
Veliki Preslav and the longing for Constantinople

Albena Milanova (Centre for Slavo-Byzantine Studies “Prof. Ivan Dujčev”, Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski)
Power and ideology on stone: identity messages of Bulgarian medieval sculpture

Galina Grozdanova (NAIM-BAS)
Preslav polychrome wares: achievements and perspectives


The neclace from the Preslav Treasure. Gold, enamel, light rubies, garnets, rock crystal, pearls. AM Veliki Preslav. Xth